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The Best Digital Nomads Gifts - 33 Essentials They’ll Truly Appreciate

Suitcase with digital nomad essentials

Finding the perfect present for a traveller or digital nomad is not easy. What do you gift someone who is leaving, deals with limited space and has likely already gotten rid of half of their stuff?

Well, turns out there is still plenty to choose from. As someone who works remotely, I've discovered many great, useful essentials that I'd gladly make space for in my suitcase. 33 essentials to be exact. From portable gadgets to travel-sized necessities; these are the best gift ideas for digital nomads.

Little side note: the product links you see in this blog are affiliate links. This means clicking them won't cost you anything, but your purchase does help me earn a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Digital nomad gifts that are great for travel

Always on the move? Then you want to take stuff with you that’s foldable, portable and useful. Here are some really great digital nomad essentials suitable for avid travellers:

1. Portable blender

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst living out of a suitcase can be challenging. A portable blender therefore makes the perfect gift for digital nomads. Thanks to its compact size and USB or battery charging, delicious and nutritious smoothies are now always within reach.

2. Packing cubes

Stay organized with packing cubes! They help maximize luggage space, keep belongings neat, and make packing and unpacking a breeze. With different sizes, it's easy to separate clothes, gadgets, and work-essentials efficiently.

3. Portable coffee maker

Love your coffee? Then a portable coffee maker is a must. Whether in a hotel room, a campervan or a remote Airbnb, anyone can now enjoy their favourite brew wherever they go without compromising on taste or quality.

4. Water bottle

A water bottle always comes in handy. Easy to fill wherever you go, reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles and well - who doesn't want to stay hydrated? Obviously, there are tons of options to choose from, but for digital nomads I recommend searching in the range of leakproof, collapsible and lightweight bottles.

5. Collapsible travel cup

The perfect gift to combine with a portable coffee maker, this collapsible travel cup is great for digital nomads on the go. It takes up minimal space in your bag and is an eco-friendly choice for enjoying your coffee or tea wherever you are.

6. Toiletry bag

Keep toiletries organized and leak-free with a waterproof foldable toiletry bag. Its smart design saves space when you're not using it, making efficient packing a breeze.

7. Travel pillow

Although a travel pillow might sound like a rather boring gift, your digital nomad friend will thank you for it. Whether travelling by plane, train or bus, being able to sleep (even for just a little bit) makes all the difference in the world.

8. Travel electric toothbrush

It’s compact, rechargeable and looks pretty classy! With its small size and long battery life, this electric toothbrush makes it easy to keep your teeth clean and healthy wherever you are.

9. Travel yoga mat

Although I haven’t tried it myself just yet, I’m pretty excited about this one. This travel yoga mat has a lightweight and foldable design, making it a perfect fit for a nomadic lifestyle. Obviously great for yoga, but ideal for outdoor activities and camping as well.

10. Loop earplugs

Loop earplugs for noise reduction are exactly what you need while travelling, working or dealing with loud neighbours. Added bonus: they look great, come in various colours and are affordable too!

11. Reusable shopping bag

This reusable shopping bag easily fits into your suitcase and is useful for groceries, souvenirs, or just another day at the beach. Reduces plastic waste and adapts to your nomadic lifestyle sustainably.

12. Soft socks

Whether I’m on a short or long flight, I always bring a pair of soft, cosy socks with me. Besides travelling, these also work well for chilly camping nights or mornings on cold Airbnb tiles.

13. Airbnb gift card

Give the gift of travel! An Airbnb gift card never expires, is usable in many countries around the world and is the ultimate flexible gift for digital nomads.

Digital nomad gifts that are great for work

Although there's usually not a lot of luggage room for screens, books or keyboards, there are plenty of smart alternatives to bring that make working remotely just a little more comfortable. These are some great work-related essentials for digital nomads:

14. Portable laptop stand

Easy to fold, pack and take with you wherever you go. This sturdy portable laptop stand is adjustable in height (six different positions), making it the perfect work accessory for all digital nomads travelling with their laptops.

15. Portable power bank

As a digital nomad, staying connected is essential. A portable power bank ensures devices are always charged, no matter where your adventures take you, keeping you online and productive.

16. VPN subscription

Not the most sexy topic (or gift), but protecting your digital identity is an important matter when working from across the globe. Moreover, having the freedom to enjoy your favourite shows from anywhere plays a big part too. A VPN subscription guarantees unrestricted internet access, ensuring that your digital nomad friend can securely surf and stream, no matter where their travels take them.

17. Noise-cancelling headphones

If you truly want to spoil your digital nomad buddy, then Bose's noise-cancelling headphones are the number one gift to get them. Besides being an essential travel accessory for lengthy plane- or train rides, these headphones enhance productivity by allowing you to focus on work wherever you plant your laptop. Whether this is in a busy cafe or a noisy coworking space.

18. Phone camera lens kit

Whether photographing for work or pleasure, with this easy-to-go lens kit you're all set without having to drag along large cameras or big lenses. Easily clip your preferred lens onto your smartphone, and start sharing your high-resolution photos online.

19. Portable monitor

Gone are the days of being limited to a single laptop screen. Now, you can improve your productivity while travelling by using a portable monitor. It gives you more screen space for doing multiple tasks at the same time, making it simpler to work efficiently from different locations.

20. Electronic cable organizer kit

Small, affordable and absolutely essential for digital nomads. Keep your tech accessories organized and tangle-free while on the move with this electronic cable organizer kit.

21. Light clip-on

Navigating a new time zone often means dealing with Zoom calls in the middle of the night. This easy clip-on light for phones and laptops is perfect for brightening up selfies, video calls, and content on the go.

22. Multi-charging cable

One cable that keeps all your devices powered up, saves space and reduces clutter in your bag. What's not to love? Meet the multi-charging cable, the ultimate accessory for cell phones, tablets, and more, making it the perfect gift for remote workers and digital nomads.

Digital nomad gifts that are great for any time

Pick and choose from one of these great digital nomad gifts for moments of downtime, fun and relaxation.

23. Bluetooth speaker

An essential travel companion, the JBL Flip portable Bluetooth speaker is lightweight, durable and offers fantastic sound. Great for digital nomads and easy to take to the beach, onto the balcony or basically wherever.

24. E-reader

My absolute favourite companion on the road (besides my husband), is my e-reader. While my suitcase used to be filled with books, I now only have to worry about packing my Kobo. It's the perfect gift for digital nomads who love to read and want to carry their library as they go.

25. Audiobook or ebook subscription

Does your digital nomad buddy already have an e-book? Then there's no better gift to give than the freedom to select their favourite books while on the go. A Scribd subscription provides immediate access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Choose between 6 months or 1 year of subscription, and give the gift of great stories!

26. Chromecast

Another beloved travel accessory of mine: Google Chromecast lets you stream your favourite shows and movies from your phone, tablet, or laptop to any available TV; no remote needed.

27. Notebook or diary

Notebooks are valuable gifts for keeping up with ideas, memories, and important information while exploring new destinations as a digital nomad. I personally love the leather notebooks from Ciak, handmade in Italy, with a soft cover and a variety of beautiful colours to choose from.

28. Language learning course subscription

Getting familiar with the local language is a great way for travellers to connect with their surroundings and enhance their digital nomad experience. The online language course app Babbel now offers the opportunity to gift a language course, whether this is for 1 language or multiple ones.

29. Beach towel

Whether you're on the beach, in a park, or deep in the forest, a versatile beach towel is a travel must-have for all digital nomads. This compact, lightweight and super absorbent version makes it a practical addition to any travel gear.

30. GoPro

As the priciest item on the list, you might consider pooling resources with friends for this one. Your efforts will surely be appreciated though, as the compact, water-resistant GoPro is the ideal present for creating life-lasting travel memories.

31. Streaming service subscription

A subscription to streaming services such as Netflix or HBO, equals a vast library of movies and TV shows to enjoy. Making it the perfect gift for digital nomads seeking some downtime and entertainment.

32. Lonely Planet Digital Nomad Handbook

For those still dreaming about transforming their lives, seeking practical advice on destinations, or just need some overall guidance, this handbook is the ideal guide to navigating the world as a digital nomad.

33. Amazon or gift card

Perhaps not the most creative, but usually the most appreciated present of them all: an all-in-one gift card. Let your digital nomad buddy pick out their essential travel accessories, and be 100% sure their purchase is exactly what they want and need at that time.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or a fellow digital nomad, I hope that these 33 gifts have provided you with some new ideas and inspiration. Are you missing one on the list? Feel free to share your essentials in the comments below! If you want to stay connected and receive more digital nomad tips and inspiration, I encourage you to visit my Instagram page or sign up for my newsletter via the link below. Safe travels!



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