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Meet the face behind the posts

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog! My name is Esther, a digital nomad and travel enthusiast. I’ve been travelling the world for a couple of years now, working remotely as a copywriter and content creator. Besides my passion for writing and travelling, I love sharing my experiences and tips with others who are looking to make the transition to remote work. 


In my blog- and Instagram posts, you can expect to find practical advice and personal anecdotes about the various countries I've lived and worked in over the years, as well as tips for navigating remote work in different locations.


When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring new countries, trying out restaurants and meeting up with friends. My passion will always be writing though, hence this personal blog where I share my thoughts and experiences about the way I live my life. 


Thanks again for checking in, I hope you’ll find my blogs helpful and inspiring on your own remote journey. Feel free to check out my Instagram for more inspiration or send me a message down below!  

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